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I am a father, husband, leader, director, web developer, programmer, woodworker, builder, and all around nerd.

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About me

I am Patrick Thurmond, a highly skilled PHP developer, currently working as Associate Director of Technology at VMLY&R. I have been a professional web developer for 16 years now. Prior to that, I dabbled in web development for about 8 years, finally settling into PHP development primarily.

I have worked in many areas of the computer industry including phone-based helpdesk, hands-on computer repair (desktops, laptops, and projectors), installation of computer networks, and even ran a computer repair service that repaired computers on-site (at homes and businesses).

My wide-ranging skill set primarily includes PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I also possess foundational knowledge in Java, Python, Ruby, and C++, with my experience being more focused on web development. In the realm of design, I am adept at creating templates from PSD files and innovating or enhancing visual elements.

My areas of skill are wide-ranging, I have worked not only in computer repair and networking but also in programming and databases. I have also worked on a number of different websites from e-commerce (like the Shopify work I did for Q-Collar), trucking and shipping, computer chip die analysis reporting systems, and advertising, to blogs, portfolios, massive product platforms (such as Gearwrench.com), and simple galleries.

I have worked with many different technologies including Laravel, Drupal, WordPress, PHP, CakePHP, Vue.js, React, social networks, RSS, XML, AJAX UIs, communication APIs, and many other systems.

Professional Journey

My professional journey extends beyond web development and design execution. Over seven years, I served in telephone-based technical support roles at renowned organizations such as H&R Block, Gateway Computers, and Applebee's International. During this period, I also gained hands-on experience repairing a range of hardware, including desktops, laptops, and projectors.

In May of 2022, I completed a Master of Business Administration degree from Rockhurst University. This accomplishment enhances my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a focus on Networking, earned from the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2007. Furthermore, I hold an Associate's Degree in Computer Science, also emphasizing Networking. My foundational training in computer repair and networking was acquired over two years at Herndon Career Center, graduating with exceptional grades.

Origins of Passion

My interest in electronics and computers can be traced back to one interesting experience early on in life. My dad used to buy me the ATARI gaming system. Since they were already old when I was using them they often stopped working. At some point when I was in second or third grade I had built up a pile of five ATARIs in the corner of my bedroom. I got curious, grabbed a screwdriver, and took all of them apart. With the parts scattered all over the floor, I began inspecting everything and I noticed that a lot of the parts were dusty and some even looked blackened or dark brown.

I had heard various things about electronics and their care growing up, so I grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol along with Q-tips and started cleaning all the parts. After I was satisfied that everything was clean I then started mixing and matching parts that didn't look blackened or browned, putting together 3 consoles that had clean parts and what I considered good-looking parts. I finally put everything back together and lo and behold I managed to get three of the consoles working. I was hooked. Thus, a lifelong fascination with electronics was born.

This kind of electronics work continued with Nintendo game systems, both mine and those owned by my friends, and then to my computers. My first computer was a Compaq Presario 486DX running Windows 3.1. I quickly broke Windows when I tried to install a new Windows shell, prompting a two-year learning adventure with DOS. I finally figured out how I misconfigured the system.ini file and managed to fix it. I had to learn the hard way, but it taught me a lot and only spurred more passion for computers.

Evolving Expertise

Throughout the years, my technical prowess has grown to include all versions of Windows, Mac OS, and various Linux distributions. A passion for innovation and ongoing learning has kept me updated with the evolving technology and has fostered my growth as a professional. I remain committed to ethical work practices, performing tasks with integrity and a strong commitment to data privacy. I have been known to refuse to do work that I thought was illegal or would put private data at considerable risk.

Presently, my learning endeavors are directed toward AI/Machine Learning, React, and Vue.JS, reflecting my constant drive to stay at the forefront of technological trends. My experience spans a multitude of content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart, and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

I invite you to explore my website and view the diverse projects that encapsulate my work. My website also offers a selection of sample codes, free for personal use. In return, I simply request that you credit my work and link back to this website.

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