Projects I have worked on

These are some of the projects I have worked on over the many years of my career.

  • Narcan

    · VMLY&R

    In 2023 we at VMLY&R worked with Emergent to rebrand the lifesaving drug Narcan on the heels of an amazing change from the Federal government...

  • Spire Energy

    · VMLY&R

    I have worked on the Spire Energy project off and on for years. Most recently I have lead work to improve the authoring experience, fix...

  • Coca-Cola Title IX

    · VMLY&R

    In December of 2022, I worked on the Title IX campaign for Coca-Cola. The work was done in AEM, the first AEM project I have...

  • Vi Living

    · VMLY&R

    The Vi Living project was an email campaign for Vi Living's many locations. My work was to build out all of the templates within an...

  • Rockhurst University

    · VMLY&R

    For Rockhurst, I was asked to do a technical review of a new site rebuild being done by another agency that was taking far too...

  • Butterball

    · VMLY&R

    I worked on the previous website providing basic support. I also started the rebuild of the site in Drupal 9 in 2022. This included...

  • Wendys

    · VMLY&R

    I worked on the project multiple times over the years. Doing upgrades, new features, localization, and fixing connections with 3rd party systems.

  • Dear Black Talent

    · VMLY&R

    The Dear Black Talent website was a pro bono project to help build careers for people. It is built in WordPress. My work on this...

  • Airshare

    · VMLY&R

    I have worked on Airshare off and on for a few years. In spring of 2022, I was asked to develop and build a technical...

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